The Writing of Marie-Claire Colyer

Marie-Claire is both a writer and nature artist. Writing in a wide range of genres, her work covers personal essay, memoir, poetry, YA, literary / mainstream fiction.

Publications include Lane Cove Literary Awards 2016: an Anthology, Kapiti News, The Coaster, the Rodney Times, Coromandel Life Magazine and Utilities Magazine.

Influenced by a childhood divided between Sydney and a vineyard in the Upper Hunter Valley the nuances of nature are layered throughout her work. As an award-winning artist Marie-Claire is also focused on projects that meld both her writing and her art. These include illustrated poetry collections, and a book on vulnerable to endangered species 'Minus One-Minus All', combining her writing/art with those of respected scientists and notable persons around the world.

Marie-Claire’s work delves into the heart of the message she feels driven to communicate. She is currently crafting a real-life contemporary romance that explores the price of living with illness, the desolation of grief and ultimately the strength of hope. Her Young Adult novel is in the final stages of editing.

She can often be found at three in the morning dashing down words that won’t let her rest till captured; or dripping wet scribbling on a scrap of paper when the muse distracts her from a shower. Her family well know the creativity that leaves the washing up half-done and the coloured pencils vying for space with the stack of handwritten notes on her desk. 

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Marie-Claire Colyer with Ken Done  Lane Cove Literary Awards 2016: an Anthology includes a poem by Marie-Claire Colyer  Marie-Claire Colyer author photoMorning Ligh t- fantail, hardcover journal featuring  artwork by Marie-Claire Colyer Marie-Claire Colyer writing poetry