The Writing of Marie-Claire Colyer

Marie-Claire is currently crafting the Saharan Spirit, a Young Adult series of novels. There is also a separate Adult series planned, just to keep her on her toes.

In October 2016 Marie-Claire reached the finalists stage of the Lane Cove Fiction Awards for her poem 'Sleeping Is How We Awaken'. Now published in the Lane Cove Literary Awards 2016: an Anthology. Available from Lane Cove Library and Angus and Robertson

Some of her poems are included in another work in progress - an eclectic collection of lyric verses, poetry, journal entries and paintings of New Zealand and Australian birds. She has two collections of poetry, which she intends to publish after the aforementioned books.

Marie-Claire Colyer with Ken Done  Lane Cove Literary Awards 2016: an Anthology includes a poem by Marie-Claire Colyer  Marie-Claire Colyer author photoMorning Ligh t- fantail, hardcover journal featuring  artwork by Marie-Claire Colyer Marie-Claire Colyer writing poetry