‘Short-clawed Asian otter Study 1’

‘Short-clawed Asian otter Study 1’
Oil pencil and acrylic painting of a short-clawed Asian otter with droplets streaming from its thick coat. They are endearing to watch as they cavort in the water. Sadly they are classified as Vulnerable on the IUCN Red List.

LOCATION: Currently at Kiwi Arthouse Gallery, Wellington, New Zealand
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This painting is rendered in oil pencils and professional artists’ acrylic on watercolour paper.

SIZE: Paper size A3 -- 29.7 x 42cm (11.7 x 16.5in)


300gsm Britannia watercolour paper by Hahnemuhle is natural white, acid free, lightfast and extremely age resistant.


Faber Castell Polychromos oil pencils.

Acrylic Medium

Archival quality acrylic paint with a high lightfastness grade of pigment has been used in this work. The lightfastness, (permanency of colour or resistance to fading) in the paints used are rated ASTM 1-2, which are of the highest gradings for archival paints. This rating is from ASTM International (The American Society of Testing Materials).

Storage & Display

Framing behind glass provides the ultimate protection for your work. Minimize frequency of direct contact and exposure of acrylics to elevated temperature, especially in combination with dusty conditions; such areas may be near hot air inlets, in direct sunlight or attics. Minimize exposure of watercolour paper to direct sunlight or moisture.


Display drawings in the cleanest, lowest traffic areas possible. Vacuum or mop these areas, rather than sweeping, to minimize airborne dusts.

PASSION: Marie-Claire's work is created with a drive to capture the essence of the animal she paints. In buying art by Marie-Claire you know passion has created a work you can connect to and treasure for life.

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