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‘Sumatran Tiger - Intensity’

‘Sumatran Tiger - Intensity’

Painting description

A Sumatran tiger lying on its scratching log gazing with intense eyes at the viewer.

Artist Statement

‘I feel close to this tiger after hours studying it at Auckland Zoo over the summer of 2012-13 and this painting is my all-time favourite. The eyes follow me about the room as I work. The log with its scratch marks is one of the tiger’s preferred places to lounge and I can never leave the zoo without looking for this magnificent animal.’

About the animal

The Sumatran Tiger (Panthera tigris ssp. sumatrae) is only found on the Indonesian island of Sumatra and is considered Critically Endangered. Its population in the wild is declining. Major threats are habitat loss due to acacia and palm oil plantations, decreasing prey base, black market trading of tiger parts and conflict with man. It is the smallest tiger subspecies existing today.

Sumatran Tiger - Intensity painting by Marie-Claire Colyer detail of eyes

Closeup detail of the painting Sumatran Tiger - Intensity

The artist with Oz the Sumatran Tiger at Auckland Zoo

The artist with Oz the Sumtran Tiger at Auckland Zoo

Marie-Claire Colyer painting Sumatran Tiger - Intensity

At work in the studio

Close up detail of Sumtran Tiger - Intensity painting by Marie-Claire Colyer

Closeup detail of the painting Sumatran Tiger - Intensity

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