Original paintings & drawings by Marie-Claire Colyer

Leopard Study 1 by Marie-Claire Colyer   Framed painting by Marie-Claire Colyer  Framed miniature watercolour Red-capped Robin by Marie-Claire Colyer

What is a commissioned artwork?

Rather than buying a painting or drawing that is already completed, a commissioned artwork is a piece that has been created at your request. Although you can buy completed pieces too. When you commission an artwork, you choose the image you wish to hang on the wall; a personalised piece. I specialise in animals, although I have done plants as well. Personalised artworks make unique and special gifts; a partner’s favourite animal for your anniversary, a portrait of your mother’s cat for her birthday, your dog. I have painted a number of brown kiwis for an art collector, otters and birds for people who want to treat themselves, pets as special gifts for loved ones.

What you get

A professional piece handcrafted just for you, delivered with a letter providing information about the artwork.

Commissioning a personal artwork is a simple process. Commissioned work is around the same price as a gallery piece. You choose the subject that is most personal to you and there is no obligation to pay unless satisfied with the final painting or sketch. I involve you in the process, posting each stage of the artwork on my website for you to view and comment on any variations needed. If the commission is for a gift, private emails can be sent instead.

The process

Email me your photos or an idea of what you wish me to paint. I will discuss options with you and provide a postal address if any photos are to be sent. With your permission I will post each stage of the painting / drawing on my website. Additionally, I will email photos of the artwork as it progresses so that you may request any changes as we go along. Once the work is complete a final proof is sent for your approval. When you are happy with the artwork I will forward an invoice for payment. On receiving payment, the artwork is wrapped securely and sent to you by courier.


(View examples at the end of this document)
Choose from:

Drawings on paper – Drawings are done in Faber Castell Polychromos oil pencils with sometimes additionally Windsor and Newton watercolour (on watercolour paper) or oil paint (ususally on coloured Mi Tentes pastel paper). You will need to frame these with glass for protection.


Paintings on gessobord – Ampersand Museum Series Gessobord. This has a smooth surface which allows greater detailing. You will need to frame these with or without glass.


Paintings on stretched canvas – Another option is stretched canvas; however, more detail is visible on gessobord and on canvas the weave will be visible. The stretched canvas can have the sides painted so the picture wraps around the canvas with a wire on the back ready to hang, or the sides blank so you can frame in a floating box frame. These don’t require glass.

Archival quality paint with a high lightfastness grade of pigment is used in all painted work, i.e. colours fade as little as possible. Acrylic paints used are Golden Fluid acrylics and Professional Derivan Matisse Flow acrylics. Oil and watercolour paints are professional Windsor and Newton.

Paintings are protected by a non-removable varnish containing ultraviolet light filters & stabilizers, thereby reducing light damage. This minimizes damage from moisture and dust, although it does give a sheen to the work. Drawings are sprayed with a fixative and must be framed.

Reference photos

You can commission me to paint or draw any animal, from your photographs or from my own photo library. On the rare occasion when I cannot source a photograph I will discuss options with you. Please ensure you have permission to reproduce photographs you supply, or else I will be in breach of copyright. These must be clear and if digital of high resolution – the better the photo the better the artwork. Prints can be posted to me and will be safely returned with the final commissioned artwork. I can paint single animal’s head/shoulders or full bodies. You can also add extra subjects, such as another animal or detailed background.


My workload, the time of year, size and amount of detail will determine the time needed to complete your commission. As a rough guide an A3 drawing with no background will take around three weeks. Large paintings with detailed background and subject will take weeks to months. If you have a special date you need a painting by, such as a birthday, I will make every effort to accommodate you. Please place Christmas orders as early as possible. An estimated date of completion will be given before work commences.


Prices include courier and packaging within Australia. For orders outside Australia please email for a quote. Shipping to New Zealand via Australia Post track and trace, with signature required on delivery is AU$37 to NZ capital cities for an A4 size work. 


I will not require any payment until the artwork is complete and you are entirely satisfied with it (I will send an email with a photo of the finished painting for you to approve). Payment is by online banking. Once artwork is approved and payment cleared the painting/drawing is packaged securely and sent to you.

Gift Vouchers

Personalised Gift Vouchers are perfect for when the commission is at short notice, or a photo can’t be obtained without ruining the surprise. Gift Vouchers are printed on card ready to gift or post or they can be sent digitally via email.

Price and sizing guide


(less detail on coloured paper background)


(detailed  and/or drawn background and/or detailed surround)


(stretched canvas)


(Ampersand gessobord)

Price per extra animal

Size most suitable for...

Requires framing behind glass

Requires framing behind glass

Either deep sides painted or narrow sides left bare for framing

Requires framing





229 x 305 mm / 9 x 12 in approx

229 x 305 mm / 9 x 12 in


Single subject. Close-up of face, head & shoulders

210 x 297 mm / 8.3 x 11.7 in         (A4+)

210 x 297 mm / 8.3 x 11.7 in   (A4+)

305 x 305 mm / 12 x 12 in approx

305 x 305 mm / 12 x 12 in


Single subject

297 x 420 mm  / 11.7 x 16.5 in   (A3)

297 x 420 mm  / 11.7 x 16.5 in   (A3)

305 x 406 mm / 12 x 16 in approx

305 x 406 mm / 12 x 16 in


One or two subjects

420 x 594 mm / 16.5 x 23.4 in (A2)


457 x 610 mm / 18 x 24 in approx

457 x 610 mm / 18 x 24 in


One or multiple subjects

Prices are in Australian dollars.
Extra may be quoted for intricate details, such as a wrought iron chair or a horse’s bridle.
Prices include freight and packaging within Australia. For commissions outside Australia please email for a quote.
Drawings are quoted in international standard A sizes. This gives the option to purchase a frame from a store rather than take the artwork to a professional framer. I can draw artwork with different dimensions if that suits the image more; for instance, a panoramic of an eagle in flight, or a snow leopard stretched on the ground.

Examples of available options

Fantail Study 2 drawing by Marie-Claire Colyer

PENCIL DRAWING (on coloured paper background)
$350 297 x 420 mm  / 11.7 x 16.5 in (A3)

Leopard Study 1 by Marie-Claire Colyer

PENCIL DRAWING (on coloured paper background)
$250  210 x 297 mm / 8.3 x 11.7 in (A4+)

Artwork commission Short- clawed otter Study 1-1 by Marie-Claire Colyer

PENCIL DRAWING (on coloured paper background)
$350 297 x 420 mm  / 11.7 x 16.5 in (A3)

 Framed acrylic painting by Marie-Claire Colyer
ACRYLIC PAINTING (Ampersand gessobord)
$600 (without frame) 305 x 305 mm / 12 x 12 inch price
Image suited 20 x 40cm (7.8 x 15.7in).

Pet portrait by Marie-Claire Colyer

Side view of painting Black Vignette - Goldfinch 1 by Marie-Claire Colyer

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